The Prohibition of Working While the Candles Burn

by Bruria SpraragenRonda Angel Arking, Editor Hanukkah today is one of the most well-known and commercially promoted holidays. We do not think of Hanukkah as a new holiday; each family has well-established Hanukkah traditions. Yet, of all the holidays we celebrate, Hanukkah has the least textual basis. The apocryphal writing, The Book of Maccabees, was

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Creating Light Each Day

by Gila Sacks[1] “Mai Hannukah?”[2] famously asked the rabbis of the Talmud: “What is Hannukah?” It is the asking of this question, more than its answer, that highlights the complexity—and even mystery—of Hannukah. The question is not asked of other festivals, which seem to have their purpose and meaning fully established and widely known long

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