Jofa advocates for expanding women's rights opportunities within the framework of halakha, to build a vibrant and equitable Orthodox community.
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The politics of abortion

The typical pro-choice and anti-abortion positions in debate in American society today do not line up well with halakhic views on abortion. Halakhah never frames the issues

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Jofa advocates for expanding women’s rights and opportunities within the framework of halakhato build a vibrant and equitable Orthodox community.

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Ruthie Braffman Shulman

Ruthie Braffman Shulman served as a Devorah Scholar at the United Orthodox Synagogue in Houston, TX.  There she held the role of  Director of Education and Engagement and halachic consultant at United Orthodox Synagogues of Houston. Her role there as a member of the leadership team was multi-faceted; she led educational programming for community members, online webinars on current events and was able to advise community members on halachic matters.

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