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JOFA's Joan S. Meyers Memorial Torah Lending Program bolsters the activities of girls and women seeking ritual inclusion in Jewish life.

The Sefer Torah is available in the New York tri-state area to individuals or groups who seek to enhance Shabbat, Rosh Chodesh, Simchat Torah and holiday gatherings, and/or celebrate events such as bar/bat mitzvah, marriage, birth and other milestones. 

If you are out of the tri-state area, contact us and we can work with you to find a solution near you!


The Sefer Torah was generously lent to JOFA by Shari and Nathan Lindenbaum in memory of Max and Ghity Stern, and the program is generously supported by Leon Meyers and family.


The Torah and its accompanying religious articles (aron, siddurim, etc.) are loaned out on a first-come first serve basis and are available for use in the Tristate area exclusively (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut).


They must be reserved in advance. And the pick-up and drop-off site is in Teaneck, NJ.


There is a $100 deposit for its use.

To reserve the Torah and/or its accompanying religious articles, please email and include who you are and why you want to participate in the lending program. Someone will be in touch with you to discuss availability and details.


It meant so much to us at the Kavod partnership minyan in Crown Heights to have a Torah from JOFA's Torah Lending Program! We knew there was a desire in our community for a traditional Orthodox service that allowed women to have a greater role, including the opportunity to leyn. We had a great turnout and JOFA's TLP helped it happen! Thank you so much!

- Laura Berger

"Teaneck Women's Tefillah (TWT) is very grateful for the opportunity to borrow the JOFA Sefer Torah, through the Joan S. Meyers Memorial Torah Lending Program.


TWT used the JOFA Sefer Torah at our annual Simchat Torah celebration. Approximately 45 women participated in our davening, hakafot, and laying service on Yom Tov (October 6,2015).


We made arrangements to borrow the JOFA Sefer Torah by contacting Pamela Greenwood, who in turn gave us the guidelines for the steps involved. We very much respect the process that JOFA has established for lending this Sefer Torah."

- Ann E. Shinnar, Teacheck Women's Tefillah

"We at Minyan Tiferet are very grateful to Jofa for lending us a sefer torah for our partnership minyan on the second day of Sukkot.  The turnout was so great that it became necessary for us to move the davening outside to accommodate all the participants.  It would not have been possible without your generosity."

- Mark Schwartz  and
Sarah Adler,
Co-Chairs of Minyan Tiferet 

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