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Rosh hashana

Yom kippur

Change We Can Believe In 

By Aliza Sperling


New Candles, New Torah 

The Light of Hanukkah

By Miriam Gedwiser

Hanukkah for Grown Ups 

By Marianne Novak 


Hanukkah: A Lesson in Fixed Spontaneity 

By Rabba Dina Brawer

The Book of Judith and

the History of Hanukkah 

By Dr. Malka Z. Simkovich

What is Hanukah? 

By Lisa Schlaff

Hanukah: The People’s Holiday 

By Channa Lockshin Bob



Scents of Redemption

By Shira Billet

The Miracle of Haggadah

By Rachel Keren

In A Good Time 

By Ilana Goldstein Saks

The Eternal Flame 

By Deena Grant

Towards Personal Redemption 

By Jennie Rosenfeld

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