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The Project Esther App was created to learn how to chant Megillat Esther. Ready to get started? Click on one of the following options below!

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In addition to the four verses traditionally read aloud during the megillah reading, some groups are beginning to recite four additional verses that pertain to Esther.


Bring this practice to your community with JOFA's new source sheets created by Rabbi Steven Exler.

Who is eligible to read the Megillah and fulfill the obligation on behalf of others?Who is eligible to write a megillah? Phyllis Shapiro and Sara Wolkenfeld explore these topics and more with moderator Rachel Lieberman.

Find everything you need to run a fantastic Megillah reading.


- Notes For Organizers 
- Megillah Chapters by Skill Level 
- A Halakhic Analysis on Women Reading Megillah


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