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Making aliyah this summer from Canada: A flock of sheep

Mon, 06/20/2016 - 7:00am
By Melanie Lidman for The Times of Israel

A Canadian couple wants to restore a Biblical breed of sheep to the Holy Land. All they need is a plane and a farm
After months of tense negotiations, with assistance from ambassadors, international media coverage, rabbis, farmers, historians, and an army of volunteers, the Canadian and Israeli governments have reached an important breakthrough agreement, a first in their shared history: The sheep can come to Israel.

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Israel solar guru promises more plants in US, Africa

Mon, 06/13/2016 - 7:00am
By Shoshanna Solomon for The Times of Israel   

Yosef Abramowitz’s Energiya Global firm aims to supply 50 million people with renewable energy by 2025
Israeli solar energy pioneer Yosef Abramowitz will launch Energiya Global Capital’s first solar energy power plant in the US, and is aiming to open 10 more overseas projects over the next three years.

Glynn County’s $30 million 22.5MW solar field, in the southeastern state of Georgia, will be inaugurated on Friday and will start supplying electricity shortly after that, Abramowitz said.

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Israeli-developed circumcision device to be distributed in Africa

Mon, 06/06/2016 - 7:00am
The World Health Organization wants to bring the PrePex to 14 sub-Saharan African countries
By Times of Israel staff

The World Health Organization is set to approve expanded use of an Israeli developed device that allows medical workers to perform “painless circumcisions.”

The PrePex device, created by Israel-based Circ MedTech, will be granted WHO prequalification on May 31 for use with males age 13 and above in 14 African countries.

Circumcision, the WHO says, is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of AIDS – which, despite a recent drop in numbers, still affects tens of millions in Africa. There are currently nearly 30 million people suffering from HIV, the root cause of AIDS, in sub-Saharan Africa – an area that accounts for almost 70% of the global total of new HIV infections.

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Peonies and Pineapples in the Negev Desert

Mon, 05/30/2016 - 7:00am
By KKL-JNF for JPost

Open Day 2016 at the Western Negev Research and Development Station in Besor

If the idea of pineapples in the desert sounds like a total anomaly, a visit to the Western Negev Research and Development Station in Israel’s Besor region proves quite the opposite. Over 4,000 people from Israel and abroad, including the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian Authority and neighboring Arab countries, attended the Open Day Agricultural Exhibition at the R&D station on Wednesday February 24.

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The Jewish Farm School

Mon, 05/23/2016 - 7:00am
A Sustainable Organization Rooted in Jewish Traditions
The Jewish Farm School teaches about contemporary food and environmental issues through innovative trainings and skill-based Jewish agricultural education. 

We are driven by traditions of using food and agriculture as tools for social justice and spiritual mindfulness. Through our programs, we address the injustices embedded in today’s mainstream food systems and work to create greater access to sustainably grown foods, produced from a consciousness of both ecological and social well being.

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Israeli car engine could halve fuel costs, emissions

Mon, 05/16/2016 - 7:00am
By David Shamah for The Times of Israel

Aquarius’s new take on internal combustion engines will be the big leap forward that vehicles need, says company founder

The notoriously conservative car business – autos, after all, are still largely powered by the internal combustion engine, developed nearly 150 years ago – is in for big changes, according to Gal Fridman, chief marketing officer and co-founder of Aquarius Engines.

“Our enhanced engine design uses energy much more efficiently, and eliminates the valves and rods that cause energy loss,” he said. “If a car equipped with a modern standard internal combustion engine can go about 600 kilometers on a tank of gas, ours can more than double that.”

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How One Jewish Mother Inspired a Global Eco-Revolution

Mon, 05/09/2016 - 7:00am
By Aron Hirt-Manheimer for ReformJudaism.org

When I first visited Lotan, a Reform kibbutz in the Negev Desert, and witnessed the community’s artful integration of ancient and modern building methods, I asked founding member Alex Cicelsky how Lotan had become an internationally recognized center for ecological experimentation and training.

It all started 20 years ago, he said, when one kibbutz member’s mother came to visit him from a town north of London, where she grew organic vegetables in her small backyard. Dismayed by the sight of food scraps discarded into trash bins in the kibbutz communal kitchen, she complained: How can an intentional community built on Jewish values not be composting?

Lotan’s members took the complaint to heart and decided to recycle all of their waste.

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Eurovision Contestants Plant Trees in Israel

Mon, 05/02/2016 - 7:00am
By KKL-JNF for JPost.com

 Twenty young singers from different countries in Europe, who are taking part in Eurovision 2016, arrived in Israel for a short visit. On Tuesday, April 12, they enjoyed the experience of planting trees at the KKL-JNF Tree Planting Center in The President's-Tzora Forest.

“It was a thrilling sensation to feel the earth in my hands and plant a tree,” said Rykka from Switzerland. “I was surprised to see how green Israel is. I was expecting to see a desert, and here we are, standing in a forest.”

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Phresh Organics

Mon, 04/25/2016 - 7:00am

Phresh is a company that produces and sells strictly organic, non-toxic preservatives by means of micro encapsulation of essential oils. We use technology that was developed for over 12 years in Ben Gurion University and the University of Florida.

Currently, we focus on organic preservatives for fruits and vegetables, hoping to drastically reduce food wastes at home. Together, we can make the world greener, more sustainable, and enjoy more yummy fruits and vegetables!

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Tips for an Eco-Friendly Passover

Mon, 04/18/2016 - 7:00am
Tips from the Chicago Botanic Garden
Enriching Your Holidays
Each year more families “go green” by incorporating environmentally sound practices into their Passover celebration. Here at the Chicago Botanic Garden, we have some tips for making your holiday eco-friendly. We hope one of ways you’ll commemorate this season of renewal is to visit the Garden with your family, to see how the earth is gloriously rejuvenating itself within our 24 individual gardens and four natural areas.

Spring’s promise of renewal fits in with the Passover theme, as the story of Exodus tells how Jews were released from slavery and left Egypt, determined to renew themselves as a people. The Passover seder, centered around food and rich with symbols, is a special time for families to gather and remember by retelling the story in a traditional format (seder means “order”). But, as with so many other holidays, commercialism has encroached upon the sacred nature of Passover, which can also involve a fair amount of junk!

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Life After Brisket

Mon, 04/11/2016 - 7:00am
Veganism in Israel is taking hold among the Orthodox, who use textual sources to argue against all meat consumption
By Sara Toth Stub for Tablet Magazine   

A little more than two years ago, 36-year-old Jeremy Gimpel, a Modern Orthodox Israeli rabbi, political activist, and radio and television host, finally watched a YouTube video taken in a kosher-certified chicken slaughtering plant. A vegan friend had encouraged him for months to take a look at various videos about the ugly side of industrial food production. But Gimpel, who back then found vegans annoying, had dismissed his friend, pointing out that halakha not only allows for eating meat, but also prohibits the sort of animal torture that such slaughterhouse videos purported to show.

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After long haul, Knesset okays 10 agorot charge for plastic bags

Mon, 04/04/2016 - 7:00am
Lawmakers unanimously pass law after two-year slog, but environmental activists warn tiny charge, down from original 40 agorot, won’t be enough to dissuade use
By Melanie Lidman and Raoul Wootliff for The Times of Israel

More than two years after giving an initial go-ahead, the Knesset passed a bill late Monday night imposing a charge on plastic bags at supermarkets and convenience stores, a move aimed at significantly reducing municipal waste and pollution.

The law, which will come into effect on January 1, 2017, will require customers to pay 10 agorot (approximately $0.03) per plastic bag and will ban the distribution of certain types of polymer bags.

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