Ta’anit Esther, the day before Purim – this year, Monday, March 6 – is the annual International Agunah Day because, like many Jewish women today, Esther was trapped in a forced marriage to the Persian king, and spent years fearing her husband.

Advocates worldwide observe International Agunah Day to raise awareness of the plight of the modern-day agunah, standing in solidarity with Jewish women around the world who have suffered from get-refusal and are trapped in unwanted marriages.

Providing resources to empower agunot has been integral to Jofa’s mission since its founding. Jofa views the agunah issue as a social injustice, and believes there is a critical need for a systemic, halakhic solution to the plight of agunot. ​

Visit Jofa’s Agunah Resources Page for more information, to help bring awareness to this day, and to the plight of agunot everywher