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JOFA Journal Book Clubs: Are you interested in discussing the articles in the newest issue—and future issues—of the JOFA Journal with people in your own community? Partner with JOFA to host a reading group (think: book club) in your home! We’ll provide discussion guides to get the conversation going, tips for facilitating groups, and a sample e-vite. Questions are very open-ended, and you can choose which you want to discuss! You will decide which issues resonate most strongly for your group.

In addition to inviting your own friends, fellow shul members, and neighbors, you can ask JOFA to help you advertise and identify people who might be interested in joining your group! For more information about this new initiative or to volunteer your home, please contact JOFA Program Manager Rivka Cohen at [email protected].

100 Years of Women's Learning and Beis Yaakov!

100 years ago, Sara Schenirer founded the first Jewish girls school, "BaisYaakov." This began a movement to support and encourage educating Jewish women for the next century!
In honor of 100 years of women's learning, we want to know what you are learning in recognition of the anniversary, and for any stories you have about a meaningful educational you've experienced as a Jewish woman.
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"A Bigger Tent"

The Fall 2017 JOFA Journal focusing on families is now available online! 

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Rabbi Herzfeld

JOFA means so much to you. JOFA is the place where you share ideas with like-minded people. JOFA is where you find the tools for advancing social change in your community.  Being a member of JOFA enables you to connect with people, like you, who are working to make the religious world a better place for women -- and men.  JOFA is you. It’s who you are. It’s your identity, your voice, and your community. Become a member and stay connected to people just like you. JOFA is where you belong.



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