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Putting Yourself First (Without the Jewish Guilt) 
Tuesday April 25th, 8 PM (EST)
Passover - a time for family, food, traditions, and maybe some heightened stress levels as well. Join us after Passover for a much needed webinar with Gabriella Feingold on how to put yourself first, without experiencing the Jewish guilt! During this webinar we will:

Understand why it's so important to put yourself first.
Get clarity on what you really want your life to look like.
Learn how to get closer to that life even when you feel busy and overwhelmed.
Let go of feeling selfish once and for all!

Click here for more information and for a link to live stream!


Bella's Hats Pre Shavuot Sale
Bella's Hats trendy collection of headwear, including dressy and casual hats, fascinators, beanies, berets and more coming your way on May 7th from 10 am -12 pm at the home of Sandra Molinas. Huge selection, great prices, many one of a kind pieces! Come early and snag some fabulous finds!!!With portion of proceeds to benefit JOFA! 
For more information please click here.

Voices for Choice
Discussion and Action for Reproductive Justice Tuesday May 9th, 6PM
Join us for an evening of education and conversation on the current realities of reproductive justice in New York City and State. Expert speakers will discuss how we can all work together to protect the rights of women.
Sponsored by National Council of Jewish Women New York and Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance.
To signup: ncjwny.org/event/voice

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"Mehitzot over matter"

The Fall 2016 JOFA Journal focusing on Mehitzot is now available online! 

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Rabbi Herzfeld

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