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September 26, 2017

Please join us for a shiur withRabbanit Devorah Evron, on the topic of "A Noisy Woman (Bavli Sukkah 31): A talmudic Story of Sukkot, Women and Halacha,”
Please click here at 8:00 pm to join the facebook live shiur!

Tues Oct 3, 2017 
Please join us for a shiur with Rachel Keren, on the topic "Is there a place for a woman in the Sukkah?" at 12:00pm EDT.

This webinar series is a collaboration between JOFA and Kolech - Religious Women's Forum in honor of the 10th bi-annual conference of Kolech.

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"Mehitzot over matter"

The Fall 2016 JOFA Journal focusing on Mehitzot is now available online! 

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Rabbi Herzfeld

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