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Yael Landman Wermuth

Dr. Yael Landman Wermuth holds a PhD in Hebrew Bible from Yeshiva University and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania. She has completed fellowships through the Association for Jewish Studies, the Tikvah Center for Law and Jewish Civilization at NYU School of Law, and the Center for Jewish Law and Contemporary Civilization at Cardozo School of Law. Yael has taught at Yeshiva College and has lectured at conferences in America and Israel. She is Visiting Research Fellow in Judaic Studies at Brooklyn College and Acquisitions Editor for Hebrew Bible, Ancient Near East, and Jewish Studies at Gorgias Press.

Sample lecture topics:

"Stories and Statutes: Law and Biblical Narrative" 

"Protecting the Widow: Yibum and Ge’ulah in Megillat Rut" 

"Four שומרים: Are the Rabbis’ שומרים the Same as the Torah’s?" 

"Herding in Haran: Jacob and Laban at the Intersection of Law and Poetry" 

"Selling the צדיק: A Critique of Israel in the Book of Amos"



“Dissertation Spotlight: A Biblical Law in Its Ancient Near Eastern Contexts,” Ancient Jew Review, December 6, 2017

“On Lips and Tongues in Ancient Hebrew,” Vetus Testamentum 66 (2016): 66-77

Target audience:

Whole community; women and men

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