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Tehilah Eisenstadt

SAJ and Bring Back Our Girls NY

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Tehilah Eisenstadt is the Director of Education and Family Engagement at The Society for the Advancement of Judaism. She is a Jewish educator, activist, mentor, writer, speaker, officiant, consultant, community builder and storyteller. Tehilah has worked for over a decade in leadership roles with prominent Jewish educational agencies and non-profits such as Luria Academy, Storahtelling (Lab/Shul), and The Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies. She is honored to teach and lecture across the US on Jewish topics where ancient text and ritual intersect with meaning in our lives today. Tehilah believes that her Jewish heritage is what gives her the strength to make the world the place we want to live in, and we want our children/future generations to enjoy and cherish. She works with a team of multi-faith leaders on ongoing issues related to Jewish values, particularly surrounding the abducted school girls in Chibok Nigeria in 2014 and gender-based violence around the world. She also served as a curriculum writer, teacher-trainer and community builder for Jewish and Muslim communities, including: Cordoba House, Huntington Jewish Center, Kings Bay Y and Storahtelling. Tehilah has especially enjoyed facilitating adult learning experiences around Jewish texts involving body image/relationships to our bodies and early childhood programs exploring social justice, international Jewish culture (food and folklore), and how to express all feelings as part of a healthy experience. Tehilah serves as a volunteer mikvah guide and educator for ImmerseNYC and is on the Board of Directors of American Jewish League for Israel. Tehilah received her BA in Literature

Previous speaking engagements:

Meaningful/Spirit-ful teaching

Taught the Educator's Track (one class a day) at Hadar's Summer Institute


Putting Torah/Judaism into action

Marble Women’s Ministry: A Women’s Interfaith Conversation (panelist),

Hosted a "Beyond P is for Palestine" conversation for parents on all sides of the controversy

Teaching social justice and building a social consciousness in newborn

4 year olds and their caregivers

Charting the Course, Becoming Partners In Faith (panelist at Marble)

Black fire/White fire: Midrash and meaning (Yeshiva educators conference JEP)

Scholar in residence (various Synagogues across the US)

Lead organizer of various BringBackOurGirls tri-faith prayer, rally and learning events (past 4.5 years)

Early Childhood

More than Yom Ha’Atzmaut: Exploring Israel Education for Early Childhood (Presenter JECA)

Reading Between the Lines: How to choose and use Early Childhood books (Presenter JECA)

Judaism, women and bodies

Embodied Voices: Personal Narratives on the Female Body (panelist at JOFA)

Body Image/Godly Image: Jewish approaches to speaking to our children about bodies, fashion and clothing (Westchester Day School)


Reading The Story Of Rebecca And Isaac In The Age Of Roy Moore (Forward)

Talking About Death Over Dinner With Strangers (My Jewish Learning)

My Personal Month of Shmita: A Reflection (Hazon blog)

Reclaiming the Ancient Girls' Club ( blog)

Chibok Girls Remembering Missing Three Years Later (On Scripture)

Let Us Not Ask about Current Salary, We Should Not Care: A Concrete Step for the Jewish sector to Move Towards Pay Equity (ePhilanthropy)

Target audience:

As my subject area list of places and topics suggests I have a few core audiences:

1. Jewish Educators and Directors

2. Early Childhood Educators and Directors

3. People interested in learning about or advocating for celebration/nurturing/safety of Jewish women's bodies

4. Religious activists of any and all ages (particularly around children's and women's issues)

Sample teaching



Speaking fees:

$300 per hour (if it's a day long event we can discuss) + travel fees (if applicable, I'm NYC based)

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