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Sara Shapiro-Plevan

The Gender Equity in Hiring Project/Rimonim Consulting

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Sara Shapiro-Plevan is all about relationships. Her essential focus: understanding the way relationships influence our ability to improve our practice, understand our work, and engage effectively with others as we build sustainable networks, communities and workplaces. She is the co-founder of the Gender Equity in Hiring in the Jewish Community Project (GEiHP), which works to transform the endemic culture of gender bias that continues to keep women from senior staff positions within Jewish organizations.

The GEiHP supports organizations as they ensure that their systems, processes and hiring practices reflect the Jewish values of equity and fairness. By strengthening organizations’ awareness of gender bias and helping them to respond, the GEiHP hopes to see more women rise to positions of leadership.

Sara is also the founder of Rimonim Consulting, where she consults primarily with Jewish organizations, schools, congregations, and foundations to develop a networked, collaborative culture. She believes powerfully in our human capacity for dialogue and partnership, and in that vein, works to support shifts from hierarchical structures to relational, flatter, networked relationships. Sara will complete her doctorate in education from the Davidson School of The Jewish Theological Seminary in 2020, and her research aims to enable individuals, teams and communities to understand how they best work in relationship so that they might begin to shift their capacity to work in productive, connected ways to realize their--and their communities'--hopes and dreams.

Primary location: New York

Subjects of expertise/Sample speaking topics:

I teach on a wide variety of topics at the intersection of gender equity, organizational development, and social change. My expertise is the dismantling of organizational and communal hierarchies, and the efforts to build in their place relational, networked systems to create a more just, equitable world--most especially inside Jewish workplaces.


Salary Range Transparency: Now Is The Time

Finding Jobs in the She-Seccision 

The Week That All Jewish Women Turned Invisible (co-author) 

Target Audience:

While my work primarily is with adults, I have a wide range of teaching experience (including very small children). The work I do now is extending into the realm of teen/young adult learning, and I'm glad to consider a variety of audiences.

Sample class: 

Where Power Lives

Sample teaching video:

Teaching Clip

Speaking fees:

$450-$1000 for a speaking/teaching engagement, and up to $1500 per diem. However, I'm glad to negotiate a more flexible range in specific instances.

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