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Rishe Groner is founder of The Gene-Sis, an embodied, experiential approach to personal growth and Jewish spirituality. She creates sacred spaces for people to experience Judaism that is real, accessible and inspiring, bringing Jewish ritual where people seek meaning. Her eighteen years of Jewish educational leadership includes IsraeLinks, Birthright, Limmud NY, Isabella Freedman, Brooklyn spiritual startups, and festivals such as Burning Man. She teaches at Romemu in New York, and writes about feminism, Judaism and spirituality in Lilith, Tablet and Forward. Born in Melbourne to a Chassidic family, Rishe completed post-high school seminary in Israel and Australia, then interned in Long Beach, CA before returning to Australia to attend Monash University while working full-time in corporate sales. She served as founding female board member at ‘Daminyan’ and graduated with double degrees in Arts/Business, majoring in Writing and Marketing. After relocating to Brooklyn in 2010, Rishe directed marketing at Chabad on Campus, then worked as senior marketing strategist on Madison Ave and Wall St. A member of the Kenissa Network and JOFEE Leaders Institute, Rishe is also a prayer leader, dancer and drummer.

Subject area:

Judaism, feminism, the Divine Feminine, Chassidut, Kabbalah, self-improvement, personal growth, creative writing, niggun, dance, chant, gratitude, Jewish holidays, spirituality, embodiment, women in ultra-Orthodoxy and Chassidic life, Chabad Chasidism applied, feminine strength and power, lunar cycles in Judaism (New Moon), prayer practice, mindful eating

Sample lecture topics:

  • "SoulHacks" Text study / lecture & embodied workshop. A Kabbalistic approach to self-transformation with practical tips for building spiritual practice and hacking our souls in the world today.

  • "In Merit of the Righteous Women" or "Liberation and #MeToo" An exploration of the Divine Feminine and Exodus, and how that leads to a state of liberation today.

  • "Awakening the Shechinah – A Kabbalist, Feminist View" Beyond exodus, a view of the paradigm shift towards liberation of the feminine based on Torah, Talmudic, Kabbalistic and Chassidic sources.

  • "Modeh Ani as Mission Statement" Gratitude is our Medicine. A workshop and text-based discussion on the power of gratitude in our daily lives.

  • "Spilling Blood, Spilling Wine" A focus on what it means to rejoice, or mourn at the downfall of our enemies, and how to understand Pesach's celebrations in light of Judaism's focus on human rights, compassion and empathy.

  • "Miriam’s Dance" A movement-based prayer service with electronic music, for chol hamoed

  • "Music as Medicine" A niggun-based meditation journey, using the map of Chassidic niggun to overcome challenges and free ourselves.

  • "Embody Shabbos: The Journey In" An embodied, experiential Friday night service based on the arc of the Kabbalat Shabbat liturgy, including niggun, meditation, dance, discussion and intentional eating.

  • "Is Cannabis Kosher? The Torah of Marijuana"

  • "Ecstatic Shacharit" An Embodied Dance Journey

  • "Goddess Shabbos" A spiritual Friday night journey for festivals



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Sample of teaching:

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Target audience:

I have a lot of success with men and women from their twenties on to their fifties, but I often get surprised - although the content "should" skew female, I get many men interested in the same topics. My "magic targets" are women in their 20s and 30s, and also older women in their late 40s and 50s. I am also experienced working with kids and teens and am happy to adapt most of my content to a teen or child audience, especially about God, feminism and orthodoxy, which they are usually really open to discussing. I'm happy to work with any audience, really - people surprise me by how open they are to this kind of innovative work!

Speaking fee:

$350+ (negotiable)

PO BOX 30009

Brooklyn, NY 11230


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