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Rabba Yaffa Epstein
The Wexner Foundation

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Rabba Yaffa Epstein serves as the Director of the Wexner Heritage Program at The Wexner Foundation. She received Orthodox Rabbinic Ordination from Yeshivat Maharat, earned an additional private Semicha from Rabbi Daniel Landes, holds a Law Degree from Bar-Ilan University, and has studied at the Talmud Department of Hebrew University. Yaffa formerly served as the Director of Education, North America for the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, where she also taught Talmud, Jewish law, and Liturgy for over fifteen years, and served as the Founding Director of the Beit Midrash at the Dorot Fellowship in Israel. She has lectured at Limmud Events around the globe, has written curriculum for the Global Day of Jewish Learning and has created innovative educational programming for Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life, and Moishe House. She has participated in numerous Think Tanks on Adult Jewish Education and has trained Rabbis and Educators from every Jewish denomination.


Primary location: Columbus, Ohio

Subjects of expertise/Sample speaking topics:


Jewish Law

Jewish Liturgy 

Women in Halacha

Pluralism in the Jewish Community

Adult Education

Publications and videos:

JDov Talk Imposter syndrome: "I Am An Imposter" Filmed at Limmud Conference 2015  


My Jewish Learning Women's issues: "Did Esther and Ruth Break the Glass Ceiling? A Debate" February 1, 2016  


Yeshivat Maharat: Pastoral Torah Women's issues: "On Spies, Daughters, and Claiming our Inheritance" June 16, 2017 


JOFA: Shema Bekolah Education: "Pesach – Hag HaHinukh: The Holiday of Education Passover, 2015


Pardes Hanukah Companion (p.7) Education: "Shining a Light on Our Habits" December 4, 2017


 Pardes Rosh Hashana Companion (pp.9-10) Rosh Hashana: ”Don’t get Stuck in the Thorns” August 20, 2018


Target Audience:

Adults - Men and Women, Pluralistic Organizations and Events. Expertise in teaching intergenerational groups, and people with varying degrees of exposure to Jewish text.

Sample class: 

The Power of Speech in the Jewish Tradition

Sample teaching video:

I am an Imposter

Speaking fees:

Available upon request.

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