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Rabbanit Dr. Adena Berkowitz

Kol HaNeshamah, NYC


Dr. Berkowitz is the founder, together with Cantor Ari Klein, of Kol HaNeshamah, founded in 2008. Kol HaNeshamah: The Center for Jewish Life and Enrichment is an institute dedicated to reenergizing the spiritual life of both affiliated and unaffiliated Jews. Adena is well known across the U.S for her lectures, her writing and her riveting Torah classes. With backgrounds in both law and Jewish Studies from Yeshiva University's Cardozo School of Law and the Jewish Theological Seminary, Adena is the co-author, together with Rivka Haut of Shaarei Simcha, of Gates of JOY, a mini prayerbook--the first liturgical work in the modern era written by Orthodox women for use in the Jewish community. She is visiting lecturer at Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School. A member of numerous boards and committees, she lives in New York with her husband Rabbi Zev Brenner and their children.

Subjects of experience:

What Bruce Springsteen Can Teach Us about Tikkun Olam; Lips are Moving But What Are We Praying ?


Grappling with Difficult Texts Related to Women and Gentiles


My Body My Choice- What Does American and Jewish Law Teach Us About Autonomy and Self Determination?


From Abortion to Brain Death, Donating Organs to Tattoos to Transgender Surgery


An Enigma Wrapped in a Mystery: Jewish Tradition and My Year of Saying Kaddish


Coffee and Coke (a Cola), Kiddush and Sliders- How Certain Foods and Halakhic Decision making Impacted the Jewish Community

Halakhic Views Surrounding Grape Juice Use during Prohibition


Current Kashrut Status of Meat Produced in Labs.


Shaarei Simcha- Gates of Joy, Ktav publishing, a Mini Siddur;


Tikkun Olam as Text and Context- in Tikkun Olam, Matrix Press

An Enigma Wrapped in a Mystery, Matrix Press

The Jewish Journey Haggadah- Gefen Publishers, Forthcoming Spring 2019

Target audience:

The whole community

Speaking fees vary - contact directly

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