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Over 100 communities coordinated women's Megillah readings for Purim 2022!
Enjoy a selection of photos from
across North America and around the world!   

Do you have any photos from your community Megillah reading? Send them to and we'll add them to the website!

Cornell Hillel.jpg
Lianna Merion PA.jpg
bicultural MS and HS.jpg

Cornell Hillel

Lianna Saiman reading
at Kohelet Yeshiva 

Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy of Connecticut

Cherry Hill NJ.jpg

Cherry Hill, NJ

Harrisburg PA.jpg

Harrisburg, PA

shaarei tefilah dallas.jpg

Shaarei Tefilah, Dallas

Baron Hirsch Memphis.jpg
West Orange NJ.jpg
Ohr Hatorah Atlanta.jpg

Baron Hirsch Congregation, Memphis 

West Orange, NJ

Ohr HaTorah, Atlanta

Shearith Israel Nashville 1.jpg
Shearith Israel Nashville 2.jpg

Shearith Israel, Nashville

beth sholom potomac.jpg

Beth Sholom, Potomac, MD

Netivot Shalom.jpg

Fairlawn, NJ

Netivot Shalom, Teaneck, NJ

Detroit purim.jpg

Congregation Or Chadash
Kehillat Etz Chayim of Detroit.

Shaarei Shomayim toronto 3.jpg
Shaarei Shomayim toronto 1.jpg
Shaarei Shomayim toronto 2.jpg

Shaarei Shomayim, Toronto

Bnai David Judea 1.jpg
Bnai David Judea.jpg

Bnai David-Judea, Los Angeles

Manchester UK.jpg

Manchester, UK


LSJS, London, UK

Marboura Sydney 3.jpg

Maroubra, Sydney, Australia

Bondi Sydney.jpg
Canberra Australia.jpg

Bondi, Sydney, Australia

Canberra, Australia

Leibler Melbourne.jpg

Leibler Yavneh College, Melbourne 


Women's Orthodox Tefillah
Victoria, Australia 

PO Box 2044
Silver Spring, MD 20915

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