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Miriam Gedwiser

Drisha Institute; Ramaz Upper School

Miriam Gedwiser is a faculty member at Drisha and at the Ramaz Upper School, and has taught widely in New York, New Jersey, and New England. She has a BA in the History and Philosophy of Science from the University of Chicago, and studied in the Drisha Scholars Circle as well as at learning programs in Israel and Boston. Miriam studied law at NYU and practiced commercial litigation for several years before returning to teaching. She has written on matters of Torah and feminism for the Forward, the Lehrhaus, the Kavvanah blog, and the Times of Israel, and is co-author of a forthcoming commentary on the Book of Esther with Rabbi David Silber. She lives with her family in New Jersey.

Subject area:

I've taught a wide range of subjects, focusing on Talmud, Tanakh, and holidays. I have particular expertise in the Book of Esther and in the intersection of Jewish and general law.


Sample lecture topics:

"Not According to the Law: Rules and Rulebreaking in the Book of Esther."

"The Rabbinic Way to a Halachic Will"

"The Sukkah of the Leviathan: Primordial Beasts and the End of Time"

"The New Moon in Jewish Law and Lore (series, including "A Rabbinic History of the Moon" and "Women of the Night? Women and Kiddush Levanah")

"Isaac and Ishmael, Sarah and Hagar: the Torah reading for Judgment Day" "Rabbis and their Wives (series)"

"At the Fulcrum of the Universe: the poetry of the Yom Kippur Avodah service"



Another Perspective on Pregnant and Nursing Women Fasting

He Sent Out The Raven

Tzniut - A Response to a Essay by Rabbi Aryeh Klapper

Kinda Blue: Tekhelet Edition  

Could I Have Known That Thieves Would Come?

Orthodox Women are Dissatisfied and "Checking Out." Here's Why


Sample of teaching:



Source sheet


Speaking fee:

Generally $300/one-time lecture. Other formats (e.g. ongoing classes; SIR weekends) depend on details.

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