Megillat Ruth Book Club

JOFA Presents the Megillat Ruth Book Club Kit

The Book of Ruth is traditionally read in the synagogue on the festival of Shavuot. The book, or more accurately the Megillah, contains a moving theme, an exciting plot, and a cast of compelling female characters. What better way to prepare for Shavuot than to form a book club with some friends to read, discuss and argue over this ancient and gripping story?

In order to facilitate a stimulating and rewarding discussion we have prepared some online resources. Feel free to use them as they are presented or to adapt them as you see fit. It is up to you to decide how many sessions to hold and how to divide the material. You can either break it up chronologically or thematically. The main thing is to enjoy the process of discussion and debate as you uncover new dimensions to a very old story.

Enjoy any or all of the six following Book Club discussion guides:


We thank the following scholars for their contributions to this resource pack:

Eryn London, smicha student at The Susi Bradfield Women’s Institute for Halachic Leadership in Jerusalem, Israel.

Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz, teacher at London School of Jewish Studies, King's College London, and Cambridge is currently completing her PhD at University College London.

Yael Unterman, teacher and Bibliodrama facilitator. Her latest book is a work of fiction entitled The Hidden of Things: Twelve Stories of Love & Longing.  


Further Resources:

A literary approach to Megillat Ruth

Hebrew/English online edition of Megillat Ruth


Reading Megillat Ruth on Shavuot

Women may leyn Megillat Ruth. Since many congregations read Ruth from a printed book and not a parchment Megillah scroll it is easier to read than Megillat Esther and it is considerably shorter. We encourage you to organise or participate in a women’s Megillat Ruth leyning during Shavuot. 


Learn how to layn Megillat Ruth

Maharat student Bracha Jaffe has made a recording that is deliberate and precise in order to be a learning tool for anyone interested in chanting Ruth for the first time. 













Nusach Anglia

Megillat Ruth was layned by Lucy Weiniger using Nusach Anglia following her Bat Mitzvah on Shavuot 5774. Recorded at Jewish Care's KC Shasha Centre after Shavuot.

Lucy's recording(s)