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Chatan and Kallah Teaching 

When it comes to hilkhot niddah and sexuality, there is no “one size fits all” approach. We train our teachers to be sensitive to individual needs, and our coaches and experts are committed to discussing specific circumstances.

We realize that individual couples will vary widely in their need and interests when learning hilkhot niddah.


There are some who want to take a very practical approach (“please just tell me what I need to do”) and others who want to delve deeper into subtleties or halakhic development (“please show me primary sources”). There are those who want to explore philosophical underpinnings of what these laws might be all about, and those who want to understand the deeper ramifications of keeping or not keeping these laws.


Although this website is not set up to answer questions in depth, we are hoping it will make resources available so that you can find the best places to turn to for more information.

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