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Lori Prashker-Thomas

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It was not until about three-ish years ago that I started telling my story of being a Jewish birthmother. I ran from telling my story because of shame. Ashamed of myself and afraid of shaming my family. I ran for many years but now I stand strong! At 23, my life was unraveling. Pregnant and alone, I felt abortion was my only option. When I couldn't bring myself to go through with the abortion, I set out on a lifetime's journey as a Jewish birth mother. Twenty years later, I am a successful business owner, in a wonderful marriage, with a great relationship with both of my biological children. Creativity has truly been what has fueled my soul. I have always had an interest in the arts and being creative. I am an accomplished Photographer, Speaker, and Writer, with a unique writing style and unique perspective on adoption, bullying and mental health, that provides a reading experience unlike any other within and outside of the Jewish community.


A Philosophy for the Future: Adoption is such a beautiful thing and there are so many people who can benefit from it when it’s done well, in an ethical, non-coercive manner and is truly the woman’s choice. This is why I am working to reverse the stigma against being a Jewish Birth Mother.

Previous speaking titles have included: From Mistakes to Miracles

Published on Times of israel, Jewish Women of Words,

Sample teaching text:


Speaking fee: $1000+ travel/food stipend, negotiable

Lori is located in Pennsylvania.

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