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JOFA Journal

Each issue of the JOFA Journal offers editorials, scholarly articles, and updates on issues that resonate with the Orthodox community.


It also includes book reviews on the latest publications of interest to our readers.

Our next issue of the JOFA Journal will Women and Talmud Torah.

Holiday Guides &


Our Pesah seder handbook offers creative suggestions to involve the entire family in the seder. 

Our book-club talking points and trop guide for Megillat Ruth helps to enrich your Yom Tov. 


Our guide about how women Ushpizot shows you how to add additional voices to your Sukkot experience.   

Shema Bekolah: Hear Her Voice

Shema Bekolah: Hear Her Voice is a project to publicize the work of outstanding female Torah Scholars and to increase the number of divrei Torah written by women.

Jewish Divorce


+ Agunah 

​A Jewish marriage is terminated by the granting of a get, a Jewish document of divorce.


If the husband is unwilling or unable to give a get to the wife, the wife is an agunah and may not remarry, leaving her in a state of limbo.


This situation is considered one of the greatest crises in the Orthodox world today.

Gender Sensitive Curriculum

Girls and boys are exposed to women who are actively involved in public life, yet the women they encounter in the texts are often portrayed as having more private, domestic roles.


We want our children to relate to meaningful role models among the biblical characters, to feel pride in themselves and in their culture.


Boys and girls benefit equally from learning about men and women of character and virtue who serve as role models.

Life Cycle


Our Guides include personal stories and advice from women who have felt excluded from traditional life cycle events.


They illustrate how women may expand their roles in their daughter's birth and Bat Mitzvah, in the Shabbat rituals at home, and in mourning loved ones.


Best Practices 

Mikvaot are sacred spaces that are meant to be safe, spiritual, and meaningful.


Below is a list of best practices currently employed by Mikvaot across the globe.


These practices will hopefully empower individuals and communities to apply new ideas that may improve their local Mikvaot.

Chatan + Kallah Classes

JOFA, Yeshivat Maharat, and Yeshivat Chovevei Torah created a Chatan and Kallah Teachers website as a place where you can get information on how to find appropriate kallah and chatan teachers.


The website will help you discover what to look for in a potential teacher, and what questions to ask.


We also hope it will help answer some basic questions about the best way to approach learning about hilkhot niddah and your sexual relationship.

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