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Dr. Leah Gniwesch

Jerusalem Coaching Institute

Leah’s job is to ask: “What is your goal?” and “When do you want to start?” Leah’s motto, based on an Old Chinese proverb, is: Why THROW a person fish if you can TEACH them to fish? Her emphasis is on self knowledge, self empowerment, focus, and the ability to live a calm, healthful and fulfilling life. Leah holds a Ph.D. degree in Clinical Psychology from Yeshiva University and Coaching Certification from Dynamic Wellness Strategies in Plantation, Florida. She has released a CD entitled “Stress Repair” and is the founder and Director of the Jerusalem Coaching Institute. She is currently writing a coaching textbook. Dr Gniwesch works with both individuals and groups and is a dynamic workshop presenter. Leah enjoys scuba diving, singing piyutim and opera, and hiking. Leah spends her time in Jerusalem, New York, Arizona, and Miami.


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CDs: "Stress Repair" and "Talk Talk Talk" (for kids with autism)

Target audience: adults

Sample teaching video

Speaking fee: $500-2000 depending on venue, format and audience

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