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"Point of View"

A Kolech initiative in collaboration with JOFA


We are collecting photographs taken from the women's side of the mechitza. Here's how you can help. If you attend synagogue on non-Shabbat days, please grab your high-quality camera. If you don't have one, please be sure to take horizontal photos on your phone. 


We ask that you snap a photo (or photos) from the front or center of the women's section and reflect on what you see. (There's no need to look for the worst seat.) Our goal is to collect photographs that depict women's experiences in that synagogue. If you are female-identifying and sit on the women’s side of the mechitza, you are set! If you are male-identifying you can participate too, either by asking a woman in attendance to take the picture, or step into the women’s area before or after services (so that you don’t intrude or displace women in attendance). 


All you need to do is:

1. Take a picture(s) in an empty sanctuary (women’s side only!) from the front or center, where women tend to sit. 

2. Please take a second picture(s) closer to the partition. (If there is a curtain, move the curtain to share your view, as illustrated.)

3. Please send photos with a completed and signed Photo Submission Form for the Exhibition and Waiver of Photograph Rights to by June 30, 2021.

4. Please note, not all photos will be used for the exhibit. Selection of photos will be made by the end of July.


Please contact with any questions.

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