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Karen Miller Jackson

Matan HaSharon, Kolech

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Karen Miller Jackson is a Jewish educator and writer, who recently completed Matan HaSharon’s Morot l’Halakha program for women’s advanced halakha learning. She develops educational content for Lookstein Virtual, blogs at TOI and also directs "Kivun le'Sherut," a guidance program for religious high school girls before army and national service. She has an MA in Talmud and midrash from NYU and has learned in Drisha, Matan and Midreshet Lindenbaum. Karen is on the board of Kolech: Religious Women's Forum.

Previous speaking engagements

Halachic Perspectives on Shaming and Social Media


Rashi and Midrash on How to Use Social Media

M'chayil el chayil: The Rise of Religious women in the IDF


Jewish Perspectives on Self-Care In general, Tanach, Midrash, Niddah related topics.

Publications 2012 “Religious Women in the Arts in Israel,” JOFA Journal, 2012. 2009 "You Are What You Wear: Clothing in Biblical Interpretation." JOFA Journal, 2009 2008 "Pesach: The Holiday

Target audience:

I work best with adults, women and men and love talking to older teens.

Speaking fee is negotiable.

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