JOFA Journal Fall 2019


Women and Text-Based Learning: A Celebration of Growth, an Exploration of Opportunities

In addition to being able to read the entire Journal in the current PDF format (click the image to the right to open), JOFA has uploaded each article on our Jewish Week blog platform . In order to allow for easier reader access, we placed links to each of the Fall 2019 (Cheshvan 5780) Journal articles below on this one webpage.

Please check out the free articles below - more articles from previous JOFA Journals are coming soon! 

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Daf Yomi - A Drivers Manual

by Yonina Bendheim Jacobson

Torah Lishmah: For Women's Sake

by Sophie Bigot-Goldblum

You Want Me To Teach?

by Abigail Kogan

Movie Review: The Unorthodox

by Beverly Gertler 

It's Your Torah

by Rabbi David Silber

A Yeshiva of One’s Own

by Devorah Steinmetz

"The simplest answer to why the yeshiva is called a yeshiva is: Why not? What does it mean to create a full-time, multi-year intensive learning program and not to call it a yeshiva, because it is for women, not for men?"

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