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Jennifer Raskas

Jennifer Raskas teaches classes on Hebrew literary approaches to readings in Tanach across the United States and Israel. She also serves as the Director of the Israel Action Center at the JCRC of Greater Washington. Jennifer received her Bachelor of Arts from Columbia University and her Master's in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. She studied in Jerusalem, Israel at Midreshet Lindenbaum and is a trained educator for the Matan Women's Institute for Torah Studies program – Jewish Women Through the Ages. Her writings have appeared in The Jewish Bible Quarterly, The Lehrhaus and E-Jewish Philanthropy.

Sample lecture topics:

"From Darkness to Light, A Literary Analysis of Creation"

"Jacob -the Courage to Face One's Fears"

"Joseph - Dreams, Brotherhood and Lasting Peace"

"Moses- Story-telling and Story-living"

"The Second Luchot and the Growth Mindset"

"Ruth - A Tikkun/Reparation for the End of the Book of Judges"

"Jerusalem, Her Tragedy - Exploring Female Imagery in Yirmiyahu and Eichah"

"The Secrets of Shacharit"

"The Evolving Relationship between God and the Jewish People throughout Chumash" 

"From Gan-Eden to the Land of Israel"



The Book of Ruth: A Contrast to the End of the Book of Judges, Jewish Bible Quarterly, December 2015

Sample of teaching:

Dvar Torah



Target audience:

Adults and teens; all learning backgrounds from beginner to advanced

Speaking fee:

Be in touch!

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