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Rabbi Dr. Devorah Schoenfeld

Loyola University Chicago

Dr. Schoenfeld is Associate Professor of Judaism in the Theology department of Loyola University Chicago, and is also a student in the Kollel Executive Ordination Track at Yeshivat Maharat. Her book "Isaac on Jewish and Christian Altars", which compares medieval Jewish and Christian commentaries on the near-sacrifice of Isaac, was published by Fordham University Press in 2012. She has also published on comparative theology, Midrash and dream interpretation.

Subject area:

Jewish-Christian Relations, Comparative Theology, Midrash, Parshanut




  • Isaac on Jewish and Christian Altars: Polemic and Exegesis in Rashi and the Glossa Ordinaria, Fordham University Press, New York, November 2, 2012.


Articles forthcoming:

  • “Scribes as Active Readers: Manuscript Development and Jewish-Christian Polemic in Rashi and in the Glossa Ordinaria.” forthcoming in Johannes Heil, ed., From Theodulf to Rashi: Uncovering the Origins of European Biblical Scholarship, Brill, Leiden, no date (accepted for publication in 2011).

  • “‘A good argument to penitents’: Sin and Forgiveness in Midrashic Interpretations of the Golden Calf,” forthcoming in Edmondo Lupieri, ed., The Reception of Golden Calf Traditions in Early Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

  • “‘Therefore do Maidens Love You’: Passion and Pluralism in Jewish and Christian Song of Songs Commentaries” in progress for the Brill companion to Comparative Theology.

Sample of teaching:



Target audience:

Adults, college age

Speaking fee:


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