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Deborah R Klapper

Deborah Klapper holds an AB from Harvard University in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations and a Scholars' Circle certificate from Drisha Institute. She lives, learns, and teaches in Sharon, MA.

Sample lecture topics:

"There is no such thing as “secular studies”"

"What Sefer Bereshit tells us about how to have a good family"

"Structuring our shuls to support women’s learning and mitzvot"

"Progressive strategies for teaching Mishna, Tanakh, and more"

"Harry Potter an Torah"

"Redeeming the Unforgivable: Rut and Boaz"



Times of Israel Blog

Sample of teaching:

Dvar Torah



Target audience:

It depends on the topic

Speaking fee:

$600 for a weeknight, $1200 for a Shabbat (in addition to travel expenses)

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