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Rabbi Lauren Tuchman

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Based in the Washington, D.C. area, Rabbi Tuchman is a sought after speaker, spiritual leader and educator. Ordained by The Jewish Theological Seminary in 2018, she has taught at numerous synagogues and other Jewish venues throughout North America and was named to the Jewish Week’s 36 under 36 for her innovative leadership concerning inclusion of Jews with disabilities in all aspects of Jewish life. In 2017, she delivered an ELI Talk entitled We All Were At Sinai: The Transformative Power of Inclusive Torah. She has trained and continues to teach with Rabbi David Jaffe and the Inside Out Wisdom and Action Project, which provides a space for Jewish spiritual and contemplative practice for social justice activists rooted in the spiritual discipline of Mussar and the teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. She serves on the board of JOIN for Justice, which trains Jews in community organizing for social change.

Subjects of expertise/Sample speaking topics:

Spiritual Resilience and Soul Care In Times Of Great Uncertainty

Disability Wisdom and Jewish Tradition


We Were All At Sinai: The Transformative Power of Inclusive Torah–screening of Rabbi Tuchman’s ELI Talk of the same name followed by a Q and A conversation

Target Audience:

Rabbi Tuchman normally speaks to adult audiences.

Sample class: 

Seeking the Divine Face

Sample teaching video:

The Rabbi of the Warsaw Ghetto

Speaking fees:

These are my standard rates for Shabbat and weekday engagements. The rates below do not include travel and lodging costs which, if relevant, are expected in addition. A full Shabbaton weekend: $3500 This typically includes any/all of the following: Friday night drash or other program Saturday morning Torah study, drash, post-kiddush shiur Saturday afternoon Mincha/Seudah Shlishit program Sunday morning program, either with Hebrew school students or with the entire congregation Shabbat-only, not including Sunday $2500 Includes any/all of the Shabbat components listed above

Weekday morning training, talk or workshop: $1000 This typically includes a one-time, two-hour workshop or training on a weekday morning. Weekday one-time ninety-minute workshop, training or class $350 Weekday hour-long one-time class $250 Weekday multi-session series $1200-1500 This includes four one-hour or ninety-minute sessions. These usually occur weekly for four subsequent weeks. This is negotiable. I am also happy to do a longer series. Please be in touch to discuss.

Weekday full day rate: 1500 This is inclusive of morning, afternoon and/or evening programming on a single weekday.

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