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Dr. Saundra Sterling Epstein

Director, BeYachad, Bringing Jewish Learning and Living Together

Dr. Saundra Sterling Epstein is the director of BeYachad, a program to bring best educational practices and Jewish education together. She also has worked extensively in interdisciplinary and integrated learning, working with and teaching for multiple intelligences, use of various grouping strategies, and values based education for programs including grades Pre-K – 12.This work has been done in schools and communities throughout North America, Israel and beyond. 


She has conducted extensive teacher training of new educators and students in graduate programs at PARDES and Hartman Institutes in Jerusalem. Schools included are affiliated with the Reform Day School Movement (PARDES), Solomon Schechter Day Schools, Chabad, RAVSAK, and Torah U’Mesorah as well as independent schools and communities. While the majority of this work has been with day schools, afternoon schools, some public schools and other settings have been included as well. Served as Educational Consultant and Founding Principal for a new Charter School system with the State of Pennsylvania, Solomon Charter School, Inc.


She is presently the Educational Consultant for ESHEL, an Orthodox community for LGBTQ Jews and Inclusion and Director of its Welcoming Shuls Project; and directing a new educational initiative for Intergenerational Learning and meaningful ongoing study for senior life-long learners in our community (2014 – present). 


• M.S. in Education, University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education,

• B.A., University of Pennsylvania. Magna cum Laude and Departmental Honors, June, 1975. Major: Judaic Studies. Areas of Concentration: Hebrew Language, Hebrew Literature, Bible, Rabbinic Texts, History, Mysticism and Hassidism, Religious Philosophy, Comparative Religion. 

She is currently based in Elkins Park, PA.

Areas of expertise include:

Bringing Texts, Critical Issues and Learners Together,

Talmud and Torah and Classical Text Learning,


Women's Issues,

LGBTQ Inclusion,

Environmental Sustainability,.

Interfaith Learning and Dialogue,

Intergenerational Learning, 

Publications include:

A Needs Assessment Approach To Curriculum Development in Jewish Education, Published Doctoral Dissertation, University of Pennsylvania, August, 1983. With Leora Isaacs, etal.


A Blueprint for School Improvement, Jewish Education Service of North America, New York, November, 1988. With Peppy Margolis, etal.


Prejudice Reduction: Responding To Anti-Semitism In Our Students’ Lives, Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education, New York, 1989.


BeYachad: A Program of Integrated and Interdisciplinary Learning, The Jim Joseph Foundation, Miami, Florida, May, 1996.

Target audience:

The whole community, all ages, all Hashkafot

Speaking fee depends on travel, etc. Range is $250 (no travel and one talk/teaching session) - $3000 (weekend Shabbaton with several sessions and preparations

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