Shabbat JOFA

Join us for Shabbat JOFA, January 13-14, 2017!

Parshat Vayechi

On Shabbat of January 13th and 14th, Parshat Vayechi, local shuls and communities will be hosting educational programming in preparation for the JOFA Conference. 

Bring JOFA to your community!

  • Host a conference speaker as a scholar-in-residence at your shul 

    Contact Pessy at [email protected] 

  • Can't host a conference speaker? Tell your community about the JOFA conference: 

    • Share the flyer - on facebook, by email, and print it for your shul

    • Place an ad in your shul's newsletter

    • Talk to your shul leadership

    • Sponsor a kiddush

  • Visit these shuls to hear from the Shabbat JOFA Scholars-in-Residence:

  • Bring your community and friends to the conference:

    • Groups of 5 of 6 that register together are eligible for a 10% discount. Enter code GRP10 at checkout. 

    • Groups of 7 or more are eligible for a 15% discount. Enter code GRP15 at checkout. 

    • If you’re traveling to New York from beyond the tri-state area contact [email protected] for special discount codes. 

Questions?  Contact [email protected]