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The Conference

Since 1997 we have brought together thousands of members from the Jewish community to explore halakhic and social issues through the exchange of ideas and resources.
At our conferences, individuals discover new ways to advance the role of women in Orthodoxy, and to provide equal opportunities for the Orthodox community at large.

The JOFA Blog On The Jewish Week

Whatever your point of view on Orthodox feminism,

our blog gives voice

to some of the most

thoughtful perspectives in

describing struggles

in Jewish life. 
We are proud that this

voice and that struggle

have a home and platform.

Whether you're looking to find gender inclusive

prayer services, ways to empower your

Purim practices, or you want to

borrow a Torah for a special

occasion, JOFA has you


By clicking on an icon below, you will find everything

you'll need for your Orthodox Feminist toolkit.

Projects Esther and Ruth Apps + Resources

Prayer Finder

- Say Kaddish

- Partnership Minyanim 

- Minyanim with Mechitzas

- Women's Prayer Groups


Lending Project

Women's Opportunities on Simchat Torah


Our video webinars are tailored to the needs

of Orthodox women

and men like you who

are seeking to build a

more inclusive Jewish Orthodox community.


We bring together a diverse cohort to discuss important topics in the Jewish-Orthodox Feminist World.

Speakers Bureau

We are pleased to present the JOFA speakers’ bureau. The purpose of this bureau is to provide a space and resource to hire women scholars for Orthodox settings. We welcome potential candidates to join by submitting your application on the attached page. Please note that while we provide this resource, the content presented is not officially endorsed by JOFA, and those hiring scholars should make sure that the scholar is a good match for your communities. 

Women in Leadership

JOFA advocates for increased opportunities for women in the religious sphere, such as:

  • function as religious, spiritual and halakhic leaders in synagogues and communities

  • assume professional and lay leadership roles in all spheres of communal life

  • teach Talmud and halakha in institutions of higher learning

YourTorah Podcast

This JOFA UK podcast is designed as an introduction

to the 63 tractates of Mishnah and is taught by women.
In each 18 minute podcast you’ll find the overview of one tractate, with a sample mishnah and a practical take-away.


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