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Chana Wold

As a YU graduate of Jewish Philosophy, Chana became very interested in the chassidic philosophies and culture. Chana became an occupational therapist with a focus on holistic mental health. She also became socially involved with more and more chassidim who left the community. This past year, Chana started a radio show called Jewish Ideas for the Off the Derech to help people in the community express their voice.

Sample lecture topics:

"What Off the Derech Kids Have to Teach Us"

"Holistic Healing in the Torah"



"Palace of Healing, volume 1" by Chana Wold and Elliot Tucker
"Palace of Healing, volume 2" by Chana Wold and Elliot Tucker

In these creative interactive Torah workbooks, which focuses on chassidus and self help, Chana and Elliot teach ways to relax using Torah principles.

Sample of moderating:



Target audience:

Modern Chassidish, Modern Orthodox

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