Call for Articles for Fall 2018 JOFA Journal:

Women in the Workplace: Opportunities,
Role Conflicts, and Power Situations

The JOFA Journal is the print publication of record of the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance, now in its twentieth publishing year. Each issue is theme-centered; the next issue will focus on Women in the Workplace, in light of the inequities brought to light by the #MeToo movement and examining challenges that are unique to Orthodox Jewish women. Topics to be addressed are suggested below, but need not be limited to these items. Submissions are welcome from the general public, including both men and women. Some possible article ideas are:

  1. Historical precedents: Jewish businesswomen in the Middle Ages; Jewish immigrant women in the late nineteenth to the early twentieth century in the labor movement and factories (not necessarily only Orthodox women); teshuvot on Jewish women who traveled for business.

  2. Sexual harassment in the workplace, as well as more subtle power relationships

  3. Social pressures on women who have demanding careers: E.g., day schools having expectations of working mothers different from their expectations of working fathers.

  4. Careers that are difficult vis-à-vis kashrut, travel, and being home for Shabbat

  5. Women who work fulltime and are saying Kaddish—difficulty in finding a minyan that will accept them.

  6.  “Outing oneself” as an Orthodox Jew at work; how much to tell colleagues and when.

  7. Wearing a sheitel or hair-covering at work; taking off the sheitel or hat after a while

  8. Pregnancy: when to tell colleagues at work; how to handle maternity leave.

  9. A comparison of the career counseling given to graduating seniors at Yeshiva University and Stern College: Are they given different messages?

  10. Comparison of American and Israeli women’s career choices

  11. Rising expectations that hareidi women in Israel will work

  12. Ima Kadima: a Facebook support group for working mothers in Israel

  13. Judge Ruchie Freier, a Hasidic woman judge profiled in the New York Times

  14. Senior positions in the Jewish communal world occupied by women (see Advancing Women Professionals and the Jewish Community, led by Shifra Bronznick)

  15. Unique challenges faced by women graduates of Yeshivat Maharat and other high-level Jewish studies programs. What makes a shul or another Jewish institution a good working environment for women?

  16. Talking in the past tense: How have expectations and opportunities changed over the past few decades?

  17. Retirement: What to do with the productive years ahead after retiring?

  18. Pressure on women to work to afford yeshiva tuitions.

  19. Women who choose not to pursue a career

  20. What we tell our daughters and what we model for our children about work roles

  21. How Jewish women view the workplace—positively and negatively—and how they achieve “balance” between the various spheres of their lives


Articles on any aspect of this topic are welcomed from the general public. Please submit article manuscripts by April 9. Word length may vary from 750 to 2,000 words. Send to

PO BOX 300009

Brooklyn, NY 11230


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