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Aleeza Ben Shalom

Marriage Minded Mentor

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Aleeza Ben Shalom is based in Philadelphia, USA. She describes herself as a dating and relationship coach for marriage-minded singles. Her approach is not necessarily to find someone a match herself, but to give them the tools they might need to find a potential partner, mainly through a series of coaching sessions. She works within the Jewish community, and enjoys matching older singles through her business Marriage Minded Mentor.


A revolutionary approach to relationships The History of Matchmaking Expressing who you truly are to get what you really want. How to grow a Relationship 5 Foundations of a Jewish marriage and home What are the benefits to marrying young? How does my Judaism effect my dating? How do I know if I'm dating Mr. or Mrs. right or just Mr. or Mrs. right NOW? How to prepare your children for shidduchim I can speak on topics related to dating, relationships, and shidduchim.



Get Real Get Married (available on

As well as over 50 published articles on


Teaching Samples:




Target audience:

Generally speaking I teach singles 20-60's Mixed audiences are fine. I have also worked with high school and college age kids.

I live in Philadelphia and speaking locally is $500. In the tri state area or a 2 hr drive from Philadelphia it is $1000. If I need to fly it is $1500 plus travel. For a shabbaton it is $2300 plus travel.

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