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Aimee Baron, MD

I Was Supposed To Have A Baby

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Aimee Baron MD, FAAP, is the founder and executive director of I Was Supposed to Have a Baby, a nonprofit organization that utilizes social media to support Jewish individuals and families as they are struggling to have a child. It provides a warm and nurturing space for those going through infertility, pregnancy loss, infant loss, surrogacy or adoption, in addition to connecting those families to resources in the Jewish community at large. Dr. Baron was formerly the Director of Innovation and Growth at NechamaComfort, and has also worked as an Attending Pediatrician in the Newborn Nursery and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital before taking a leave of absence after her third miscarriage. She lives in NY with her husband and children.

Primary location: New York

Subjects of expertise/Sample speaking topics:

Infertility, Pregnancy Loss and Stillbirth


Creating Community Around Infertility and Pregnancy Loss


How to Approach, Respond to and Support Your Loved One With Infertility, Miscarriage or Pregnancy Loss


I Was Supposed to Have a Baby

Lost and Found: Creating Community Around Infertility and Pregnancy Loss

Target Audience:

Women and/or the whole community

Sample class: 

Tips for Supporting Someone After a Loss

Sample teaching video:

I Was Supposed to Have a Baby (Youtube Channel)

Speaking fees:

$100-$500 + travel per talk. Price dependent on the audience and how much prep is involved.

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