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Ad Size

Art Size 


half page back cover

full page (full-bleed)

full page (non-bleed)

half-page vertical

half-page horizontal

quarter page vertical

eighth page horizontal

7 x 4.9332

8.75 x 11.25

7 x 9.8633

3.325 x 9.98633

7 x 4.9332

3.325 x 4.9332

3.325 x 2.4666








*Prices do not include any additional graphic design that would be required. Artwork or plain text (or basic layout) will need to be provided by the advertiser. For cheap graphic design services, we recommend using Fiverr


Advertising Policies:

All advertising is subject to the JOFA's approval. JOFA reserves the right to reject any advertising that is not in keeping with its publication standards. Advertising material cannot resemble the design of editorial pages. All ads will be placed in locations at the publisher’s discretion according to stated size selection.

Payment Terms:

Payment is required with the order for all first-time advertisers and ad agencies. All other accounts are payable within 30 days of billing.

For more information, or to reserve ad space, please email with the subject "JOFA Journal Advertisment" or call 212-679-8500.

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