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AVIV: teen post bat mitzvah program


In preparation for their bat mitzvah, girls begin an exciting journey exploring their roles as Jewish adults and studying Jewish text. However, what they lack are defined spaces and ritual to ‘hold’ their Jewish identity. 

This is in contrast to boys  who after bar mitzvah find they have set spaces, rituals and expectations; whether being counted in a minyan, putting on tefillin, leading prayers or leyning, organizing minyanim. These form a clear framework to explore Jewish identity and a clear path to communal involvement.

While Jewish women’s roles are traditionally home based, other than occasionally baking challah, girls do not have a distinct Jewish role within the home , nor a space in which to fulfill their ‘spiritual’ potential and often girls lose interest after their bat mitzvah.


Aviv is designed as a springboard to engage girls after their bat mitzvah. Building on the initial enthusiasm of entering the Jewish community as an adult it seeks to create a sustainable community of young women passionate about Jewish study, values & practice.

Aviv aims to be different to anything else currently on offer: 
Session will be taught by a variety of inspiring educators, focusing on Megillat Ruth and exploring a range of  themes; from identity and community to social responsibility through the narrative of Ruth.

Aviv session will include:
1. Text- exploring key Jewish text and developing textual skills
2. Ritual- learn how to leyn Megillat Ruth  
3. Social action- inviting participants to commit  to take responsibility for an issue either in school or synagogue context
4. Arts, Music & Drama

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Calling Teens: Immerse yourself in Yeshiva style text study during October 2015 half term

Be’er Miriam

We inspire young people by introducing them to dynamic role models of female Jewish leaders.
We invite your school to book a workshop with our scholar in preparation for Pesach our scholar will ask students to explore leadership through text, games and discussion, focusing on Miriam the Prophetess.
Workshops, which are free of charge to schools, are aimed at girls in years 5-6 and older, but can be offered to mixed groups. They are 45 minutes long and  tailored to the age and background of students. The support of the class teacher is required throughout the workshop.
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Mikveh Salon

An open, honest, safe space to discuss mikveh and niddah: 

*Are you curious about what happens at the mikveh? 
*Are you looking for a safe space to talk about your mikveh practice? 
*Do you avoid going to the mikveh at all costs? 
*Do you grapple with what it means to you to go to the mikveh on a monthly basis?

Contact us to host or join a space to share stories, rituals, and reflections on an experience not oft discussed communally. 
The conversation will be facilitated by Dina Brawer, rabbinical student at  Yeshivat Maharat and Emily Simon a GP specializing in women's health.

Project Esther 

Read what motivated a  woman to learn Megillat Esther

Project Ruth

Rediscovering Megillat Ruth through a female voice

Tomer Devorah

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