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Wednesday, June 1, 8:30 pm-9:30 pm ET
Megillat Ruth: A Story of Survival, Love and Politics



Debra Band explores the story — and politics behind the story — of Ruth, the great grandmother of King David, drawing upon the diverse cultural sources and archaeological understandings embedded in her illuminated book, Arise! Arise! Deborah, Ruth and Hannah. Perfect for the week before Shavuot!


Debra Band’s work in Hebrew illuminated manuscripts draws upon her love of both the manuscript arts and biblical studies.  She holds a BA Honours in History from Concordia University in Montreal and an MS in Political Science from MIT, and turned full attention to Hebrew manuscript arts in 1987. Descended from an eminent rabbinic family, her extensive studies of Jewish texts and research into medieval European and middle Eastern painting and manuscripts inform her work. Her work includes illuminated and papercut books and ketubot, other manuscript pieces and papercuts, in exhibits, private collections, community institutions and galleries across the United States, Canada, England and South Africa. Debra is the artist and author of The Song of Songs: the Honeybee in the Garden (Jewish Publication Society) 2005, I Will Wake the Dawn: Illuminated Psalms (Jewish Publication Society 2007), and Arise! Arise! Deborah, Ruth and Hannah (Honeybee in the Garden, 2012). Kabbalat Shabbat: the Grand Unification, with new poetry translations and literary commentaries by Dr. Raymond P. Scheindlin, a foreword and prose translations by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, and a preface by Arthur Green will appear in September 2016.  

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