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"Help, a Crisi-tunity!" How To Turn A Crisis Into An Opportunity For Change – Online! 
Tuesday, February 23 at 8:30 pm ET


​A news story breaks ... a vote is about to happen ... someone did what?! Crises are a part of our work for social change. How can we as changemakers not just respond, but shape a crisis into an opportunity to advance spiritual and political transformation? Plus, how do we do that online? In this webinar, you'll learn what makes an effective online campaign and how to use digital tools to find, mobilize, and engage supporters in your work for justice.

Michelle Reyf is Director of Groundswell. She feels most alive when she is empowering faith-rooted changemakers working for justice. With super powers in strategy and storytelling, Michelle works as an online organizer, campaign coach, and trainer. She's helped Groundswell grow to a community of over 200,000, with 200+ campaigns started on the platform. 


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