Rabbinical Court Advocate Rachel Levmore

Rachel LevmoreRegion: Israel
Honorarium: in Israel $150-$300; abroad travel + hotel + $500 weekday lecture or $2000 shabbat lectures

As an active Rabbinical Court Advocate since 1995, Rachel Levmore has specialized in cases of Iggun (being locked into a marriage) and Get-Refusal within Israeli and Diaspora Rabbinical Courts. In January 2000 she became the first woman to join the "Agunot Unit" in the Directorate of the Israeli Rabbinical Courts. She is the Coordinator for Matters of Iggun and Get-Refusal, a joint project of the Council of Young Israel Rabbis in Israel and the Jewish Agency for Israel. Rachel is one of a team that developed a Prenuptial Agreement for the Prevention of Get-Refusal-The Agreement for Mutual Respect",which relates to problems peculiar to Israeli society while valid for world-wide application. Her extensive research in the subject has been documented in her book, published in Hebrew -- "Min'ee Einayikh Me'Dimah", and scholarly articles. Through her lectures and discussion groups held in Israel and abroad, she raises the awareness of the Jewish world regarding the subjects of halakha, women's status and self-actualization in Judaism, specifically addressing the complexity of Jewish divorce today. Rachel is a Doctoral Fellow in the Talmud Department of Bar Ilan University. The subject of her research for her doctoral dissertation is Iggun.


  • A Thoughtful Interpretation of the Basic Sources of Jewish Divorce Law
  • Romance vs. The Prenuptial Agreement
  • Getting her Get -- Amazing Stories
  • Women Rabbinical Court Advocates and their function within the Israeli Rabbinical Court System - An Historical and Ideological Overview
  • Women in Halakha
  • The Duality of our Existence: Clashes and Enrichment

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