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Women and Hilkhot Shofar Webinar from JOFA on Vimeo.


Israeli Women Living in the Shadow of War from JOFA on Vimeo.


Shloshim Limmud: A Mother's Recitation of Kaddish from JOFA on Vimeo.


MikvahChat: An Open, Honest, Anonymous, Online Conversation About Mikvah, Niddah, and Sex from JOFA on Vimeo.


Webinar: The Maharats' First Year in the Field: A Retrospective from JOFA on Vimeo.


Accessing an Age-old Tradition: Women Reading and Writing Megillat Esther with Phyllis Shapiro and Sara Wolkenfeld

Click here for Sara's source sheet.


How (and Why!) to Start a Partnership Minyan with Tova Hartman, Dr. Chaim Trachtman, Steven M Katz, and Amy Newman


How Change Happens Around Gender Issues in Orthodox Shuls with Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld