Sign a Post-Nup this Tu B'Av!

Thu, 07/18/2013 - 10:37am -- JOFA

By Rabbi Chaim Marder

The halakhic prenuptial agreement has proven itself to be very effective in ensuring the delivery of a get in a timely manner. It is, as its name implies, an agreement between bride and groom prior to their wedding. What might all of the couples who were married without such a pre-nup do? This of course is the case for the vast majority of couples married before the halachik prenup was widely publicized or perhaps even created (the document as we know it was created less than 20 years ago). How might we assist them and help further our community goal of eliminating Agunot?

We at the Hebrew Institute of White Plains are helping advance a solution that many couples are unaware of: a halakhic POST-nuptial agreement. This Tu B'Av, the day of Jewish matchmaking for 2000 years, we are inviting married couples to make a statement and show their devotion to one another by signing a halakhic post-nup. This is a critical act to help further the values we as a community hold dear.

The post-nup we will be using is an adaptation of the RCA prenuptial agreement, and it can be found here: We will also provide a document for those who might have signed a pre-nup but cannot locate the document (as is the case with me!).

If you live in the White Plains area, consider joining us for this event! If you live somewhere else, perhaps your synagogue would like to host a similar event.

Tu B'Av - Monday, July 22, 2013, 6:00-7:30pm
HIWP Community Post-Nuptial Agreement Signing & Celebration. Join Rabbi Chaim and Suzie Marder in affirming your commitments to one another never to cause each other harm. If you don't have a pre-nup, you need to have a post-nup. Come as you like- in your wedding dress or in khaki casuals. Bring your children or grandchildren too- It's a chance to model for them the values we hold dear. Please review, share with your spouse, discuss with your attorney, and join in together with others on July 22nd.

RSVP Here:
Hebrew Institute of White Plains
20 Greenridge Avenue, White Plains, NY 10605


If you live in Bergen County, please join Congregation Netivot Shalom for a Post-Nuptial Agreement Signing Drive.
Sunday, July 21, 2013, 9:00am-2:00pm
More details here:


Chaim Marder is the Rabbi at the Hebrew Institute of White Plains.

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