JOFA Welcomes Collaboration with the RCA on Implementing Solutions for the Agunah Problem

Fri, 06/28/2013 - 3:23pm -- JOFA

JOFA welcomes collaboration with the RCA and other Orthodox rabbinic leadership on advancing immediate and systemic halachic solutions to the suffering of agunot. As an organization deeply committed to halacha, JOFA has worked tirelessly on finding halachic solutions to the incessant suffering of women, and is eager for serious engagement with the RCA on this issue.  At the Agunah Summit earlier this week, rabbis and scholars  -- including many RCA rabbis -- gathered to explore a number of proposed halachic systemic solutions which have been used historically within normative Judaism. JOFA, along with engaged rabbis, scholars and activists, continues to strongly urge a revisiting of those solutions despite their limited current usage.  Over 100 rabbis, including many from the RCA, were invited to participate in these conversations, and we are very pleased that many did. Proceedings from the Summit, along with 75 scholarly articles on the subject, will be made available to the public soon.  Contact JOFA at for more information.

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