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JOFA means so much to you. JOFA is the place where you share ideas with like-minded people. JOFA is where you find the tools for advancing social change in your community.  Being a member of JOFA enables you to connect with people, like you, who are working to make the religious world a better place for women -- and men.  JOFA is you. It’s who you are. It’s your identity, your voice, and your community. Become a member and stay connected to people just like you. JOFA is where you belong.

JOFA BelongJOFA membership provides you with:

• Exclusive access to JOFA video webinars on social change
• Entry into online discussions about Orthodox feminism
• 10% off all JOFA events and select merchandise
• Free JOFA journals

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Membership FAQ

Aleady a member? Click on "Log in" on the top right corner of the website, and visit


Cost of membership for one year: $100 ($50 for full time students)

Membership is automatically included with all general donations to JOFA in amounts of $100 or more.  


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frequently asked questions:


What is JOFA membership?
It's a new model for supporting JOFA and standing up as a member of the Orthodox Feminist movement. For an annual donation of $100 (and $50 for full-time students) we are offering unique opportunities and access to exclusive JOFA content. All donations of $100 qualify for JOFA membership.

I thought I was already a member, am I not?
For the last few years, JOFA has not had a formal membership plan. Donors, event attendees, and others would simply consider themselves members (or not) based on their own criteria - and we were fine with that! But there are many people who want to be "official" members of JOFA through a formal act of financial support and affiliation. This new iteration of JOFA membership had a soft launch in October of 2013, and really took off in the weeks leading up to the recent JOFA conference.

No, but seriously, I'm pretty sure I'm a member.
If you signed up for membership since October but have not received an email about your membership, please contact

There is a small number of people who became "lifetime JOFA members" in 2004 by making a significant financial contribution. We are honoring lifetime memberships. Please contact if that applies to you.

Otherwise, you may have been receiving the journal in exchange for an annual $36 donation, or you could have simply felt so connected to JOFA that you felt like a member. If so, thank you for the support and we hope you join our new membership plan!

What are the perks of being a member?
After the warm fuzzy feeling you get inside, the perks will feed your intellectual hunger for high quality content. You will receive two annual issues of the JOFA journal, invitations to participate in members-only live webinars throughout the year, exclusive access to JOFA conference recordings and webinar recordings, and discounts to JOFA events. Members will also be among the first ones we reach out to when forming local JOFA community circles.

What if I just want the JOFA journal?
That's OK! We will continue to send the journal to all donors at the $36 level.

I really love JOFA. Can I become a member twice?
Aw shucks, that's so sweet. The best way to show your love for JOFA beyond membership is to make a donation. You can do so when signing up to become a member, or through our online donation form.

I want all of the perks, but I can't afford the $100. What do I do?
Well, the first thing is to keep in mind that full-time students qualify for a $50 membership rate. That might apply to you.

If you're not a student, and would like to become a member but cannot afford it, please send an email to Our top priority is meeting the needs of our supporters.

Ok I'm a member - now what do I do?
Log on to the members-only site on the JOFA website, and enjoy some of the shiurim, talks, discussions and more. Having trouble logging on? Contact

Are membership dues tax deductible?
Yes, it is!