Sexual Abuse

History of Past Sexual Abuse in Married Observant Jewish Women

American Journal of Psychiatry

The authors examined instances of past sexual abuse and related demographic characteristics in the self-reports of a select group of married observant Jewish women. The article provides statistics and offers conclusions based on a questionnaire that was responded to by 380 Orthodox Jewish women. It was found that while observant Jewish women live in a culture defined by a high degree of adherence to specific laws of conduct, including rules designed to regulate sexual contact, sexual abuse of various types still exists among them. This article generated a lot of discussion and controversy, and a well-referenced link is also be included on this page.

Religious Leadership and Traffic in Women

Sexual Trafficking: An International Horror Story

Greenberg discusses the sexual trafficking of women and offers insight into why religious leaders aren't taking a greater stand to eradicate it. She points out that it violates three core principles of Judaism: sexual trafficking as proscribed by the Torah, rules preventing female slaves from being treated as sexual property, and the law against kidnapping. She suggests several concrete activities that the religious community can implement in order to help prevent this problem as well as aid the victims it still creates.

The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: A Jewish Perspective

The World Conference on Religion and Peace: Mulitreligious Response against the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

Greenberg discusses the Jewish halakhic sources that condenm the sexual exploitation of children. She argues that the restrictions governing sexuality and sexual behavior in Judaism as well as the importance placed on children in Jewish tradition suggest that such exploitation directly contradicts Jewish values as well as Jewish law.

Orthodox Group Expels Rabbi

The Jewish Week

This article covers the reaction to the expulsion of Rabbi Mordechai Tendler from the Rabbinical Council of America for alleged "conduct inappropriate for an Orthodox rabbi." JOFA commented on the allegations and expulsion as follows: 

In light of the recent allegations against Rabbi Mordechai Tendler of conduct inappropriate for an Orthodox rabbi, JOFA condemns any behavior, by any leader, that takes advantage of women. The charges are particularly distressing considering that Rabbi Tendler, a strong advocate for agunot, was in a position of trust for many women at a time when they were particularly vulnerable. We applaud the Rabbinical Council of America for taking these issues seriously and instituting formal procedures to deal with them.

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