You, Me, and the Rabbinic Court

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 12:00am -- JOFA

A cloud of secrecy surrounds the proceedings in Israel’s rabbinic courts. There is no requirement for accurate protocols of the sessions. Policy varies from one court to another -sometimes even within the same court. Many attorneys, well-versed in secular law, are undereducated about halachic considerations and issues. Thus, women seeking a divorce in these courts often enter a black hole.  Unfamiliar with their rights and unaware of the implications of their responses to questions posed by the court, they are defenseless against injustices that can have dramatic ramifications for their personal futures.  

CWJ announces a new online initiative, "You, Me and the Rabbinic Court,” that will enable women to gain knowledge, insight and support from one another. We invite women to share their personal stories relating to rabbinic challenges:  lines of questioning that have no relevance to the case in hand, cases that dragged on interminably or that were rejected out of hand, cases where women suffered contemptuous treatment.    

Rabbinic CourtIf you would like to share the story of a divorce, conversion or other rabbinic court proceeding, fill out the form at
Stories will be posted as they are, without identifying information.  Although the form is  in Hebrew, stories and other information can be posted in English.

Please help us spread the word about this through conversations with others, forwarding of this email, or through online social networks. Share our Facebook post here.
“You, Me and the Rabbinic Court” is an initiative of the Center for Women’s Justice. Its launching on Ta’anit Esther marks Yom Ha’aguna - a day that recognizes the terrible suffering and anguish of women refused a get. This forum was inspired by sites such as which allow for sharing personal stories and presenting the human face of social reality. 

For questions or information about the site, please contact 

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