Introduction from Sara Meyers Sadinoff for Torah Lending Project

Thu, 06/20/2013 - 2:50pm -- JOFA

By Sara Meyers Sadinoff

My mother, Joan S. Meyers, z”l, was the product of a Jewish dayschool education. As was par for the course in her generation, there was no communal celebration of her bat mitzvah.
I am the product of a Jewish day school education. For my bat mitzvah, I gave a d’var torah in shul after services Shabbat morning.
My mother’s nine grandchildren are students in Jewish dayschools.
For my niece Devorah’s Bat Mitzvah four years ago, she laynedfrom the Torah at a women’s tefillah in her shul on Shabbat. My mother, her Nana, sat in the front of the shul beaming at her granddaughter and in awe of her accomplishment.
My mother died on the Shabbat of my daughter’s bat mitzvah. TheWednesday preceding, we brought a Torah to my parents’ house formy daughter to practice her layning for her Nana. After Gabrielle finished reading from the Torah, with tears in hereyes, my mother said the “shehecianu” prayer.
My mom was so moved by her granddaughter’s accomplishment, thatshe wanted to ensure that any Jewish girl who wished to read fromthe Torah to celebrate her becoming a bat mitzvah should have theopportunity to do so.
My family wishes to thank JOFA for developing the Torah Lending Project and Shari and Nathan Lindenbaum for lending a Torah toJOFA to help my mother’s wish become a reality.

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