Attorney Susan Weiss

Susan WeissRegion: Israel

Susan Weiss is the founding director of the Center for Women's Justice. She's worked as an Israeli divorce attorney since 1985 and has initiated various projects to advance the status of agunot: including: Yad L'Isha , legal aid for agunot; The Law and its Decisor, a quarterly publication of rabbinic court decisions published in conjunction with the Rackman Center of Bar Ilan University; and a series of tort cases filed in the civil courts against husbands for refusing to give their wives a get. She recently won an award of 425,000 NIS against such a husband. Susan has published numerous articles about Jewish women and divorce.


  • Are Some Pre-nupts Better than Others? A survey of pre-nuptial agreements meant to ameliorate the problem of Jewish women and divorce
  • "The Interpretive Strategies of Rabbinic Court Pleaders": a presentation of 3 "ideal types" of pleaders and the interpretive strategies that they employ to reconcile modern values and traditional
  • Taking Form: The Tort of Get Recalcitrance: a description of how the tort of get recalcitrance is taking form in Israel and how this is part of a world-wide trend. Is it a solution to the problem of J

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