Proceedings of the Agunah Summit

Material Prepared for the Agunah Summit

The Agunah Issue: Shifting the Balance of PowerRobyn Shames

Agunot in Israel - A Study (slides and notes) - Ruth Halperin-Kaddari  

A Collection of Halakhic Rulings - David Rue (Hebrew)

Classic Cases: Mekach Ta'ut, Get and Annulment - Rachel Levmore

Communal Enactments - Sharon Shenhav

Divorce Initiated by the Woman: An Examination of the Position of Rabbi Rafael Aharon ben Shimon - Rachel Keren (Hebrew)

Excerpt From The Agunah Chronicles - Susan Aranoff and Rivka Haut
The Agunah Chronicles will be published by McFarland and Company in 2014.

Greeting Letter - MK Aliza Lavie

Kidushei Ta‘ut as (Part of) a Systemic Solution to the Agunah Problem - Avishalom Westreich

On 'Agunot and Kiddushin: A Conversation with Rabbi Hayyim David haLevi - Zvi Zohar

The Problem of Agunot in a Postmodern WorldRonen Neuwirth

Real Agunot Among Real Rabbis: The Meaning of Jewish Law in a Specific Social Context Noa Shashar

Reclaiming Orthodox Judaism - Marc Angel
To be published by Mavoi Satum in late 2013.

'She Chains Herself' : On Conditional Granting of Divorce and Halakhic Innovation - Amichai Radzyner (Hebrew)

Solving the Agunah Problem Requires Finding the Right Address: Strategic Thoughts on the Problem of Mesuravot Gett - Zev Farber

Sources on Hafka'at Kiddushin - Berachyahu Lifshitz

The Rackman Court Revisited David Bigman

Previously Published Articles, Books, and Columns

Agunah: The Manchester Analysis - Draft Final Report of the Agunah Research Unit, Manchester University - Bernard Jackson, et al

Agunah: Problems of History and Authority - Bernard Jackson

The 'Aguna' — A Statistic Or A Real Problem? - Rachel Levmore

The Agreement for Mutual Respect: The Workings of a Prenuptial Agreement for the Prevention of Get-Refusal as a Halakhic Autonomous Tool - Rachel Levmore
Published in Jewish Law Association Studies, XXIII, 2012, pp 147-172.

Annulling A Marriage Through the Claim of Mistaken Transaction - David Bass (Hebrew)
Published in Techumin 31, 5771, pp 1 - 10.

Annuling Kiddushin Retroactively - Berachyahu Lifshitz (Hebrew)
Published in EMDoT 4, 2010.

Annulment of Divorce in Israeli Rabbinical Courts - Amichai Radzyner
Published in Jewish Law Association Studies, XXIII, 2012, pp. 193-217.

Arbitration, Rabbinic Courts, And New York Divorce Law - Esther Macner
Handbook prepared for attorneys at CLE Seminar, at Cordozo Law School, 2008.

The Blinding Power of a Pretty FaceBatya Kahana Dror (Hebrew)
Published in Deot 60, 5773.

Choosing Dayanim in Israel: A Case Study - Sharon Shenhav
Published in Jewish Political Studies Review 18, 2006.

Conditions Placed by a Husband Who is Obligated to Give a Gett - David Bass (Hebrew)
Published in Techumin 25, 5765, pp. 149-162.

The Effect of Jewish Divorce Law on Family Law Litigation - Alexandra Leichter
Published in the IAML Online Journal.

Ending Marriage Through the Claim of Mistaken Transaction - David Bass (Hebrew)
Published in Techumin 24, 5764, pp. 194-218.

Hafka'at Kiddushin: Towards Solving the Aguna Problem in our Time - Shlomo Riskin
Published in Tradition 36:4, 2002.

Halakhic Justice for the Agunah: A 40 Year Retrospective - Blu Greenberg
Remarks prepared for the JOFA International Conference on Feminism and Orthodoxy, 2010.

Holiness in Marriage - Tirzah Mitchem and Menachem Tzvi Fox (Hebrew)
Published in To Be a Jewish Woman 4, 5767, pp. 325-345.

Human Rights, Jewish Women and Jewish Law - Sharon Shenhav
Published in JUSTICE 21, 1999.

Huppah, Kiddushin, and the Unholy RegistrationBatya Kahana-Dror (Hebrew)
Published in Deot 55, 5773.

A Husband's Betrayal as a Cause for Coercing a Gett - Ruth Halperin-Kaddari
Published in Mechkerei Mishpat 7, 5749, pp 297-329.

I Am My Beloved’s And My Beloved’s Mine - Various Authors
Published by JOFA and Kolech.

Jewish Attitudes Toward Divorce - Blu Greenberg
From On Women and Judaism: A View From Tradition, Blu Greenberg, The Jewish Publication Society of America, 1981.

The Marital Agreement to Mediate - David Mescheloff
Published in Tradition 43:3, 2010.

Marriage, Divorce, and the Abandoned Wife in Jewish Law: A Conceptual Understanding of the Agunah Problems in America - Michael Broyde
Published by KTAV Publishing House, 2001.

Prenuptial Agreements - Susan Weiss and Ruth Halperin-Kaddari (Hebrew)
Published by the Ruth and Emanuel Rackman Center for the Advancement of the Status of Woman, Bar Ilan University. 

Prenuptial Agreements: Their Purpose and How to Write Them - David Bass (Hebrew)
Published in Tzohar 20, pp. 93-103.

The Problem of Agunot and Mamzerim: A Proposed General and Systemic Solution - Meir Simcha HaKohen Feldblum (Hebrew)
Published in Dinei Israel 19, 5757-8, pp. 203-216.

 A Proposed Tripartite Prenuptial Agreement to Solve the Agunah Problem: A Solution without Any Innovation - Michael Broyde
Published in Jewish Law Association Studies XX, 2010.

"The Rabbis Revoked the Kiddushin From Him" - Berachyahu Lifshitz (Hebrew)
Published in MiPeirot HaKerem, 5764 pp 317-324.

The Religious Courts are Treating Agunot Unfairly - Susan Aranoff and Rivka Haut
Published in The Jewish Week, October 25, 2011.

Report Number 1: Regarding the Religious Court Law of 5755 - 1995  - Ruth Halperin-Kaddari (Hebrew)
Published by Project PAI, 2011.

The Secret of the Disappearing Women: On the Statistical Gap Regarding The Problem of Get Refusal in Israel - Ruth Halperin-Kaddari (Hebrew)
Published in To Be a Jewish Woman 5, 5769, pp. 83-95.

On Tradition, Authority, and the Manner of Justification - Berachyahu Lifshitz (Hebrew)
Published in Techumin 28, 5768.

Tav Lemeitav Tan Du Mi-Lemeitav Armalu: An Analysis of the Presumption - Ruth Halperin-Kaddari
Published in the Edah Journal 4:1, 2004.

The Tears of the Oppressed: An Examination of the Agunah Problem, Background and Halakhic Sources - Aviad HaCohen
Published by KTAV Publishing House, 2004.

Violence is not Grounds for Divorce - Batya Kahana-Dror
Published in Eretz Acheret 46, 2008.