Dr. Shani Berrin

Shani BerrinRegion: Australia
Honorarium: lecture: $200-$500; shabbat: $750-$1000

Dr. Shani Berrin is the coordinator of the Biblical Studies program at the University of Sydney, Australia. She is a specialist in post-biblical literature, especially the Dead Sea Scrolls, and has taught at Hebrew University, YU, NYU and Drisha Institute. Her publications include a book on the Pesher Nahum scroll from Qumran and a forthcoming work on the Heavenly Tablets in the Book of Jubilees.


  • Pesach/Chag Hamatzot in the Dead Sea Scrolls and other Second Temple sources
  • Theodicy: The Problem of suffering in Second Temple Literature
  • Matan Torah: What Did Moses Receive at Sinai?
  • Women in the Dead Sea Scrolls

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