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Putting Yourself First (Without the Jewish Guilt)

Tuesday April 25, 8 PM

If you have trouble finding space for yourself in your own life, you are not alone. Women in helping professions are too frequently expected to take care of everyone else's needs at the cost of their own well-being and their own personal vision. Join us for this webinar with Gabriella Feingold to:

  • Understand why it's so important to put yourself first.
  • Get clarity on what you really want your life to look like.
  • Learn how to get closer to that life even when you feel busy and overwhelmed.
  • Let go of feeling selfish once and for all!

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Gabriella Feingold works with women in helping professions who are burning out from competing personal priorities. She shows them how to let go of responsibilities that aren’t theirs, how to ask for what they need and say no to what they don’t, and how to stop feeling guilty so they can finally create the intentional life they deserve. Gabriella has been working in interpersonal relations and personal development since 2011, using applied theatre, facilitation, and life coaching to help thoughtful and compassionate people make change in their lives. She lives in White Plains, NY with her husband, Louis, and can usually be found performing in an cappella group, a community theatre, or a karaoke bar. You can download her free guide, the Secret to Making Time for Yourself, at www.gabriellafeingold.com.



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